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Causal realignment is the process of bringing the physical, astral, mental and causal bodies into perfect harmonious alignment.  This process also mends rips, holes, tears and folds in the different layers of the aura and the chakras as it aligns them. An electromagnetic conductor is held above the person’s body in a series of organized steps.  Interaction between the earth’s magnetic field and aura and the person’s magnetic field and aura begins to resonate through the conductor, pulling it in whatever direction needed to realign the layers of the aura and chakras, including the causal body.  It is generally a 4 step process.

This is the only known treatment that is able to work directly with the causal body and bring it into alignment with you and the earth. It is your personal akashic record and often valuable personal information is revealed.  The treatment in highly relaxing.

What is the Result?

  • Helps clean toxins from the physical body, strengthens the physical body.

  • Reconnection with oneself so there is better communication with self.

  • Increases self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Clearer thinking.  Better sense of direction.

  • Improves ability to make decisions and have good boundaries.

  • Brings out and assists in resolving past and present conflicts, injuries, and physical imbalances in subtle, gentle, non-traumatic ways.

  • Greater ability to live our philosophy. Increased positive thought and behaviour.

  • Opens doors to talents so they may be better discovered and expressed.

  • Increases our love of self and others.

  • Balances attitudes and emotions.

  • Reconnects and strengthens us to our Higher Selves.

  • Balances each major and minor chakra.

  • Subtly assists in bringing one to Self-Mastery.

  • Integrates knowledge of what we have learned emotionally and spiritually.

  • Heals past-life trauma

  • Helps one through grieving process


$117 per session  including all intuitive guidance and messages which may come through.  Sessions may be taped with client's equipment (usually cellphone).

 $45 for trauma/injury healing (this usually takes approx 30 minutes) and ideally should be done as soon as possible after a trauma or injury.  The way this works is I use the healing ability of the causal field (which directly influences the physical, mental and emotional fields) before any injury or trauma 'sets', creating a much quicker healing time, and often reversing all symptoms!

Several trauma/injury treatments can help with chronic pain and old injuries as well.

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Join us in learning this ancient and powerful healing technique at the entry level.  Come away with 3 different healing treatments to enhance your practice, help friends and family, and go deeper in your own spiritual journey.  Course includes a complete Training Manual, your own hand-crafted Herkimer diamond copper pendulum, and entry into our private Causal Realignment Practitioner's FaceBook page.  You also give and receive a full Causal Realignment treatment!   Contact Andrea for the next training workshop and registration.  Space is limited.
Text or call Andrea at (705)787-6220 or

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"The first wealth is health"


This technique balances your chakras, creating an optimum way to create health and vitality, enabling you to become more grounded and calm.  A session takes generally 45 minutes and is highly relaxing.  Many clients report better sleeping patterns and an overall feeling of well-being.  I can offer this treatment remotely as well.  (client does not need to be here in person).  Message me for details.  The investment is $72.

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