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Helping to deepen spiritual gatherings and hold sacred space for healing and fun! in groups and individually

Wise Women Circles


It has been said that when women gather, magic happens.  Each woman is empowered, and with focused intent, can work wonders.  I offer a number of women's circles that many have had as part of their weekend retreats and gatherings.  I will work with you to customize the circle for your particular group.  This may include Full and New Moon Circles, Strong Women Circles, Wise Women Circles, Fire Ceremonies, Crystal Healing Circles, etc.  Let's discuss your individual needs in your free consultation!

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I have facilitated a number of ceremonies custom made for each occasion.  In your free consultation, we can co create something beautiful and meaningful.  These include birth ceremonies, sacred water baptisms, new home cleansing and welcoming, house blessings, end of life celebrations, among others.  There is no limit to what we celebrate.  Make yours special and unforgettable!

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Today's culture overlooks many of life's important milestones that once were held sacred by indigenous people.  It is important to mark these times in ways that respect their importance to those involved. Many people have asked me to facilitate private blessings and commemorations to honour life changes such as marriage, divorce, career, and coming into puberty (women), etc.  Contact me to co create meaningful memories together for your  significant achievements.

Generally I spend about 4-5 hours altogether with consultation, travel, preparation, the commemoration itself, and completion.  However, each event is custom and individual.  I am happy to discuss your event in a free consultation.  Contact me today!



           HEALING WITH CRYSTALS                                       WORKSHOP

     Date:     (Your retreat or informal gathering time and date)

     Location:  Your home (or space can be provided)

     Cost:       $90 (includes a hand-crafted quartz/copper                                      pendulum - $55 value!)                                                                            

Join Andrea Beatty for a fun 2 hours of sharing and healing. Good for pets, plants, and kids.  No experience necessary!

Receive your own Tibetan Singing Crystal/copper Pendulum

Learn a simple way to use your pendulum to treat Chronic Conditions, as a First Aid Response, and for Self Healing

Register:   (Your contact information)

Facilitator Offerings: Treatments


A Natural Approach to Healing

Also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Tapping has gained acceptance at mainstream hospitals, pain clinics, and other health centres.  Using traditional Chinese accupressure points, and a very simple system anyone can learn, you can tap these meridian points to relieve pain, mental stress,  shed excess weight, stop smoking, curb addictions, among many other uses.  I am available to teach groups, families, and other health care professionals.  It is fun and easy to learn.  I've recently worked with sexual assault survivors in learning this technique for self-care and symptom relief of PTSD.  Call me for more details!

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Facilitator Offerings: Welcome
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